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Steve Oldfield is an award-winning photographer and reporter who has worked on six continents. He was named one of the top 52 photographers in a worldwide competition by the London School of Liberal Arts that included 644 photographers from 101 countries. His work has been exhibited by the National World War One Museum in Kansas City; the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon and Art on the Levee in Newport, KY and is appearing in a web exhibition by The Photo Review, "Other Tribes." More than 20 of his images appear in the recently published book, "Cincinnati: The Queen City" (fourth edition). Oldfield is the Chicago/Midwest photographer and correspondent for the international fashion website BestDressedManOnThePlanet, ( He is an official photographer of the U.S. Open Series Tennis Tournament in Cincinnati.
Oldfield also leads instructional photography tours in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Steve graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University where he studied Social Documentary Photography with Howard Becker. He also holds a master's degree in Public History and has worked with a variety of museums and historic sites including the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Steve has taught at the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University and he works with high school photographers and young documentary filmmakers. He recently directed and filmed the documentary, "Points of View: Covington at 200" which will be airing on KET (PBS), Summer, 2015. He is currently directing "Lines of Sight," about American Painter Jim "JC" Hall, premiering in 2016.
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